Industries We Serve

The businesses we serve vary by size and industry.  Our clients range in size from startups to global companies with revenues in excess of $100 million annually.  Many of our clients are multi-location businesses, e.g., franchises, emerging concept or established restaurants, and other multi-purpose businesses with offices across the country.   We also serve a large number of not-for-profit organizations.


Clients include those establishments or concepts that provide hospitality in the form of fast food, fast casual, and full service restaurant units.  We currently serve clients from coast to coast, representing over 20 states across the nation.


Our not-for-profit group serves some of the most respected agencies in and around North Carolina.  In addition, as part of our annual community service, our employees partner with not-for-profits for a day of volunteer work.


Real Estate/Construction

Serving companies as varied as construction companies, land developers, residential and multi-family units and management, we can address the unique qualities of each market and industry segment in a meaningful way.

Start-Up / Professional organization / Small and Midsize Businesses

General business clients include single employee companies, along with much larger companies with hundreds of employees. These industry segments include professional services (doctors), software companies, financial advisors and broker dealers, as well as medical research companies.